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Microsoft aims to empower people and organizations to achieve more. Discover our Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) solutions on the Logicom E-commerce portal.

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Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is essentially a virtual delivery. The approach is simple, a customer makes a purchase via the e-commerce platform and obtains full access to all the features and functionalities of the software available and ready for immediate use. See how you can utilize Microsoft ESD Product resources to help you make a lasting positive impact. 

Why use our E-commerce Platform?

Best Customer Service Starts Here,
with Logicom, your business will always come first.

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Electronic Software Delivery

Technology moves fast. Stay ahead of the curve with Microsoft ESD Products

What are the benefits of Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)?

At Logicom, we encourage our customers to purchase software, along with updates, electronically. ESD offers multiple benefits compared to traditional physical media delivery:

      1. It is fast

Receive software the same day. No more waiting for that mail.

     2. It is easier 

One click and you are done. Any software is automatically installed.

     3. It is more secure

Downloads through the Logicom E-commerce platform offer a secure environment for our customers to make their purchases, with distinct Log-Ins and secure payment methods.

Explore the world of Microsoft ESD Products via Logicom E-commerce platform

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