LOGICOM achieves Cisco Customer Experience Specialization in Europe

LOGICOM achieves Cisco Customer Experience Specialization in Europe

The Logicom team completed the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Specialization in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Romania, securing this status in all territories where the company maintains a Cisco partnership. Logicom was the first distributor to get the Cisco CX Specialization in 2020 in the Middle East & Africa region, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the Levant.

The achievement of the CX Specialization highlights Logicom’s capability to provide comprehensive, value-added services to support partners with developing a Customer Success practice throughout the customer lifecycle, thereby driving software adoption for their end-customers. 

Logicom places great importance on maintaining the CX Specialization and being uniquely positioned to offer value to its Cisco partners, and has recently deployed a Lifecycle Management platform, through which partners can track the delivery of Customer Success plans to their end-customers.  

The CX lifecycle approach allows partners to sell more of their services, differentiate themselves with new offers, deliver new managed services, accelerate product adoption & expansion, and improve renewal rates and revenue predictability. By embarking on this lifecycle selling journey, partners can help their customers capture the benefits of recurring software and deliver value-added services creating incremental revenue streams.

The CX Specialization in Europe shows Logicom’s commitment in helping its partners navigate and develop their lifecycle practice with the right people, tools, and processes, so they are in a position to best support their customers.