Logicom signs a distribution agreement with ZEROSPAM

​​Highly efficient, easy to use cloud email security solution now available on Logicom Cloud Marketplace​!​

In the fast-growing security market, resellers are constantly looking for cloud solutions to add to Office 365. Logicom is happy to announce that the ZEROSPAM email security solution is available on its cloud marketplace. As a result, Logicom's vast network of resellers in 13* countries in Europe and the Middle East are now able to place orders in the Logicom Cloud Marketplace for a fully Office 365-compatible cloud email security solutions with just a few clicks.

Mr. Kyriakos Leonidou, Manager of the Logicom Cloud Business Unit commented: "Logicom Cloud Business is committed to bringing the best cloud solutions to our markets and to make them easily and readily available in the Logicom Cloud Marketplace. This is certainly the case with ZEROSPAM, a product that offers state-of-the-art email security at a very affordable price. We are delighted to broaden our solutions portfolio with ZEROSPAM and confident that ZEROSPAM will have great success on our marketplace."

​"As email is the number one vector for cyberthreats, MSPs around the world are actively searching for ways to offer their customers stronger email protection", says David Poellhuber, President and CEO of ZEROSPAM Security. "Our presence on the Logicom Cloud Marketplace now brings resellers in new geographies the convenience of on-line purchases and automated provisioning." ZEROSPAM offers superior detection of all email-borne threats including ransomware and spearphishing and is the ideal Office 365 add-on.

*Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Romania, Italy, Lebanon, UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain

ABOUT ZEROSPAM – The AI-driven email security solution

ZEROSPAM is a 100% cloud AI-driven email security solution. Deadly accurate and utterly simple, it has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% against all forms of email-borne threats and includes a unique spearphishing module that offers unmatched protection against CEO Fraud. ZEROSPAM delivers efficient detection of all email-borne threats and superior protection against advanced threats including ransomware, phishing and spearphishing. It has very low FP rate, is very easy to use and backed by agile, Elite technical support through a large Partner network. To learn more about ZEROSPAM, visit www.zerospamsecurity.com.