Logicom Demo Cafes

The challenge

Our partners were fatigued by the repetition of partner events held by other distributors in the industry, especially as they all seemed to feature the same topics and include the same pool of partners invited to each. Similar events would frequently fall on the same dates, thus limiting the attendance and effectiveness of such sessions.


The Solution

The Logicom Demo Café addressed these issues in the following ways:

  • Logicom would provide a full schedule of technology demos or other events beforehand to specifically selected partners
  • With the Demo Cafe, Logicom was able to offer a more holistic partner experience as opposed to one individual and isolated event. This meant that: 
    • Partners would come to our offices and enter our working ecosystem, bringing them closer to our people, and allowing them to meet the entire team
    • Partners were welcomed into the Demo Café, which is a space designed specifically ‘for them’
    • The technology being discussed is physically available in the room for them to see, touch, and understand
    • Other related promotions, offers, trainings are advertised in the room, a constant reminder for them about what we have to offer 
    • The Demo Cafe became a familiar place for them to return to time and again, expecting a consistently positive experience from working with Logicom
  • The Demo Cafe puts the Logicom Systems Engineers and their expertise at the forefront of these partner events
Testimonial from NetApp
““Logicom Saudi Arabia is NetApp’s added value distributor. The Logicom team are able to promote our technology and enable our Partners to sell NetApp solutions and keep them updated through the use of the ‘Demo Café,’ which is a great way for Logicom to add value to our business. We utilized it many times for business and fun at the same time and look forward to more partners events at the Café.””
Ahmed El Habashi
Channel Manager, NetApp
Testimonial from Microsoft
““The demo café is an original idea to drive partner recruitment and adoption. We see that the regular roundtables/trainings are a good way to keep in touch with your partners and demo the latest technologies/promos/incentives etc.””
Hilmi Dilloo
SMB Lead – OCP, Microsoft Arabia


An overview of total sessions held at the Logicom Demo Cafe in all the Logicom offices in FY18, and the total partners who attended. 

129Total sessions held
540Partners in Attendance
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